Writing, Consulting, Design

I’m Bruno Dias, a writer and narrative designer working on independent games and media. I’ve written interactive fiction, worked as a game and narrative designer, and even done some amount of game programming.

My work ranges from traditional fiction writing to consulting on narrative design and story to designing and building systems for procedural and dynamic narrative.

Do you have a project that needs narrative design, dialog or world writing, or expertise on procedural narrative? You can reach me through email or other means.


  • Pathologic 2

    Ice-Pick Lodge, 2019

    Localization Writer — 2018-2019

    A return to the strange, grim world of a 2005 cult classic. Helping give the English localization the same level of poetic depth as the original Russian has been one of my favorite projects.

  • Neo Cab

    Chance Agency, in development

    Writer, narrative designer — 2017-2018

    A neon-drenched vision of labor and human relations in a future taken over by the gig economy; an emotional survival game.

  • Where the Water Tastes like Wine

    Dim Bulb Games, 2018

    Writer — 2017

    I wrote about 30 folk tales for this anthological story-game, alongside over 20 other writers exploring the thematic (and physical) vastness of America. Nominated for Excellence in Narrative at the IGF awards.

  • Voyageur

    Bruno Dias in partnership with Failbetter Games, 2017

    Designer, developer, writer — 2016-2018

    Voyageur is my take on the space exploration sim game, a narrative-driven story generator about following the trail of humanity's diaspora across the galaxy and meeting the societies that emerged from it.

Nonfiction Writing

Interactive Fiction

  • Four Sittings in a Sinking House

    The thing about sinking is: the sea is not a void. If you're sinking, you're displacing something.

    (October 2016)

  • Lyreless

    A dark, fantastical recasting of the Orphic myth.

    (December 2015)

  • Cape

    A near-future superhero story from a subaltern point of view.

    (October 2015)

  • Prospero

    An interactive adaptation of Poe's The Masque of the Red Death.

    (September 2015)

  • Mere Anarchy

    Radicalized hedge-witches in an urban landscape.

    (April 2015)

  • Terminator Chaser

    Labor disputes and social struggle in a mining colony in Mercury.

    (February 2015)