I do writing about and for games, and I do game development too. I’m happy to talk about consulting, content writing, or anything at all you think I might be a good fit for—get in touch.


Game Credits

  • Neo Cab (Chance Agency, in development)

    Writer, narrative designer — 2017-2018

  • Where the Water Tastes like Wine (Dim Bulb Games, 2018)

    Writer — 2017

  • Voyageur (Bruno Dias in partnership with Failbetter Games, 2017)

    Designer, developer, writer — 2016-2018

Nonfiction Writing

Interactive Fiction

  • Four Sittings in a Sinking House

    The thing about sinking is: the sea is not a void. If you're sinking, you're displacing something.

    (October 2016)

  • Lyreless

    A dark, fantastical recasting of the Orphic myth.

    (December 2015)

  • Cape

    A near-future superhero story from a subaltern point of view.

    (October 2015)

  • Prospero

    An interactive adaptation of Poe's The Masque of the Red Death.

    (September 2015)

  • Mere Anarchy

    Radicalized hedge-witches in an urban landscape.

    (April 2015)

  • Terminator Chaser

    Labor disputes and social struggle in a mining colony in Mercury.

    (February 2015)